Build new i7 system? or wait?

Hi guys, i have been a fan of TomsHardware for a while now, and i find anything i need in the forums so i thank everyone for that.

So the question that I have, I want to built a new pc* around july ( i know its a long time away but need to research EVERYTHING and get oppinions in what to do).

Mine now: WANT TO GET:

CPU: e6600@3.2gtz oc CPU: i7 290 @ 2.66 (oced to like 3.6 ofcourse)
Memory: 4 gig @ 800ghz (i think) corsair Memory: 6 gig @ 1600ghz corsair dominator
video card: 8800gts 512 oc video card: 260 gtx ( the 200+ core one)
motherboard: i975xbx2 motherboard: asus p6t deluxe v2
power supply: 650w bfh power supply: 850w corsair or thermaltake
hd: 320@7200rpm sager hd: Want to get SSD, will wait for prices to drop

Now i dont live under a rock (would be kind of cool though lol) so i know Intel Larrabee might come out around June 2009 or something, so that is kind of where im stuck, because if Larrabee is as good as they say it is the system i wana get will be poop in a year lol. So can some1 tell me what to do?
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  1. I'd wait for the LGA 1156 personally. Should be a lot more mainstream than LGA 1366, therefore there will be more hardware available.
  2. If you can afford it, and you want it now, then get it. I'd say get an SLI board and pick up another 8800GTS 512 to run in SLI. Well, that's only if you can get another 8800GTS 512 cheap on eBay or something since I think new it probably goes now for more than what a 260 costs. I don't think you can BIOS flash it or anything to trick the NVIDIA drivers into letting you SLI it with a 9800GTX, but I'd say it's worth looking into.
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