4870 Toxic/4890 + Enermax

Hello there folks! I am planning to buy either the 4870 toxic 1gb edition or the new Ati 4890 1 GB..My psu is Enermax fma 2 535W which gives a combined 408 W@+12 V rail (which means 34A-->+12V1=22A, +12V2=22A)..The other components of my computer ara rather typical..
(Cpu c2duo e6400, 2*1gb ram, 1hdd,1 DVDRw etc..)

So, whats your opinion? Will my PSU handle the load? Or will it fail? Thnx a lot!! :bounce:
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  1. No problems that I can see.
  2. Thnx a lot coozie!
    Any1 else that wants to share his opinion or his past experience with any of these parts?
  3. looks good. besides, im running 2 3870s with a piece of *** "crossfire ready" psu that has like 28A on the 12V rail.
    im supposed to have like somewhere around 30-34A i think :P
  4. Ok guyz im one click from ordering the radeon 4890 (3d connect)..Am i good to go as far as my rig is concerned (requirement-wise)?? I really dont want to change my psu..
  5. YOUR GOOD...

    enoguh said, just order it and enjoy m8:)

  6. rambo117 said:
    YOUR GOOD...

    enoguh said, just order it and enjoy m8:)


    You're right..I am good indeed :D Great vga, a silent cooler (at low fan-speed of course) and low temperatures too...Along with the o/c i did to my cpu, my rig is born again!! Whooray!!
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