WD Caviar Blue 500Gb SATA (wd5000aaks) reads in Win 7 x64 but not XP x64

Strangest thing happened after configuring my Windows 7 x64 machine to dual boot XP x64. Everything migrated pretty well and was nearly a seamless connection until this drive came up.
I am running an AMD Opteron dual-core 165 1.8Ghz CPU @ 2.1Ghz with 4Gb of matched dual-channel OCZ ram on an Asus A8N-SLI Premium mobo running BIOS v1303. RAID, game/midi and IEEE1394 are disabled in BIOS. ACPI is S1&S3 compatible. Silicon Image 3114 sata controller with most current driver installed.
Here's where it gets weird. I can read and write to the drive like always on windows 7 boot. When I XP boot though, the drive always says "Drive is not ready" error. Have run scandisk in win7 and using UBCD. No errors found. Is there such a thing as a hard drive driver? I thought that was covered by the SATA controller... please help :)
I have had no problems with my storage media on my win7 boot partition.
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  1. > Silicon Image 3114 sata controller with most current driver installed.

    ... evidently only for Windows 7 x64.

    > Is there such a thing as a hard drive driver?

    Yes: you just said you have the most current driver installed.

    > I thought that was covered by the SATA controller.

    The SATA controller is a chip integrated onto the motherboard:
    it needs a device driver that is specific to the OS you are running
    if you wish to enable AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface).

    From what you have written above, it sounds to me as if
    you did NOT install the correct chipset driver for that motherboard
    when you installed XP x64.

    Since you have disabled RAID, I must assume that your SATA controller
    is either running in AHCI mode or something like "Standard IDE".

    Standard IDE mode usually has native support in the chipset;
    however, AHCI mode typically requires a device driver.

    Also, because I am not familiar with the specific details of your motherboard,
    NOTE WELL that the Silicon Image 3114 is probably a second SATA controller
    that is entirely separate from the controller that controls the main SATA ports.

    If that is the case, then you definitely needed to load a device driver
    for that SI 3114 when you installed XP x64. That device driver should
    be on the Support CD that came with your ASUS motherboard.

    Without knowing more, I would create a driver diskette for XP x64
    and re-install it by invoking F6 to load the device driver for the SI 3114.

    I hope this helps. Sorry that I can't be more specific.

  2. OK: more clues here confirm what I wrote above:

    NOTE WELL under "Storage Devices":

    Additional RAID Controller: Silicon Image 3114R RAID Controller

    This strongly implies that there is a second device driver for that SI 3114R
    IN ADDITION TO the NVIDIA chipset drivers.

  3. In this User Manual:

    See: Pages 2-23 and 5-30 for details.

    Also, search for all occurrences of "3114" in the above User Manual

    On the Support CD, under the Drivers tab, find:

    Silicon Image RAID Driver
    Displays the README file of the Silicon Image SATA Link
    SiI 3114 driver installation

    Make Silicon SATA RAID Driver Disk
    Creates the Silicon Image SATA Link SiI 3114 driver disk
    for Serial ATA RAID.

    Also, under the Advanced tab / Onboard Device Configuration in the BIOS,
    of course confirm that the "Silicon SATA Controller" is ENABLED (the default).

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    p.s. Found another clue: the photos of your motherboard at Newegg:
    are annotated showing an interface speed of only 150MB/second
    on the 4 x SATA ports controller by the Silicon Image 3114,
    NOT 300 MB/second.

    Unless your device drivers can handle both speeds automatically,
    Western Digital recommends that a jumper be added to the jumper block
    to downgrade the interface speed of your WD5000AAKS:

    Interface: SATA 3.0Gb/s

    We archived WD's jumper block documentation here:

    "To enable 150 MB/s data transfer speed, place a jumper on pins 5–6."

  5. Dual boot Windows XP 64bit and Windows 7 64bit when you installed windows XP 64bit make sure you installed the SATA drivers for Silicon Image 3114 - that is on the motherboard CD. Or you can try this software for dual boot -
  6. Okay it appears that my problem was apparently something to do with XP's drive autodiscovery feature. I disabled this feature first. Next I uninstalled this drive through the Device Manager. I then rebooted back into the XP side and reinstalled the drive using the add hardware wizard. Have been problem free since. Although I thank you for your information regarding the SATA controller. It turns out that it is indeed an additional controller. The primary runs in AHCI mode normally and is part of the nVidia chipset controller. I have left it alone for now since the drive uninstall/reinstall seems to have solved this one. And the dual boot software suggestion looks much nicer than natively editing the boot loader in windows thanks!
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