New Power Color 4870x2 - Need some advice


I just bought a Power colour 4870 x2 last week and have some general questions about coping with this thing.

First up is temperatures, case temp is about 25C and idling at the Windows desktop GPU core 1/core 2 are sitting at 88C/70C, with automatic fan control holding steady at 27%.

Now after playing Crysis the temps were about the same on exit and the fan was working considerably harder.

So I manually set fan speed to 40% and core temps fell to 40C / 30C so I'm happy with those numbers. Question is, does disabling automatic fan control mean I risk damaging the card in stressed situations ?

Is there anything I need to do to ensure both cores are working happily in games? I checked Catalyst AI is enabled and set to advanced.

If you guys have any other tips they would be much appreciated.
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  1. Great thanks!

    So the fan will auto speed up. Thats good news, then I can set a minimum fan speed that is a trade off between cooling and noise and not have to worry about frying the card.
    Thanks for the help!! :)
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