Hyper 212 second fan and Antec 300

Ive came to notice that my stock intel cooler isnt cutting it for my new build so ive looked into a cheap and performing cooler and ive decided on the the CoolerMaster Hyper 212, Ive also read in reviews a second fan mounted to it really helps for noise and temp control but I have some questions before I order...

How will the second fan hook up? Can I get a 4pin to 2x 3pin for the Cooler connector on my mobo? Will the fans still have PWM? (Im not sure what this is exactly, it lets the fans adjust thier speed and not run maxed all the time?

What fans should I buy to mount on the heatsink? Ive been looking at this so I can replace the tricools on my Antec 300 Illusion, because Id prefer no LED's and they seem kind of noisy on medium and id like fans that plug into the mobo and not the psu so I can change them myself on Speedfan without popping open my case.

Whats a good 140mm fan to put on the top mount of my case? Does this look ok?

System Specs are

Antec 300 illusion case
Asrock p55 Extreme4 mobo
intel i5-760
Palit Dualfan gtx 470
ripjaw 2x2gb ddr3 cl9
Antec Earthwatts 750
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  1. Ok I have a CM 212+ in an antec 902 case. I bought mine from compusa thats down the street from me. In the box was an extra pair of mounts for another fan. Get any 120mm fan with a 4pin plug. Connect the pwm (The 1 that came with the HS)fan to the cpu fan header on the MB. And connect the pull fan to the chassis or power header on the MB. But the will spin at full/2000rpm. If you want to use auto(varible speed control), then get a 4pin y-connector like one of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=pwm+cable&x=0&y=0 and your good togo. Ill personally get the gelid cause they're sleeved and wired correctly for the MB header to control both fans as 1.

    P.S. You can use any 3pin or 4pin(PWM) as your 2nd fan. Just not a fan with only a molex conector. And that 140mm CM case fan is just fine. It puts out the most CFMs for that low of noise.
  2. Thanks Ive never thought to look for that type of cable, Will it be fine to plug in a 3pin fan into the y cable and still use pwm with it? Or do I need to get a 4pin fan?
  3. You can use both a 3pin fan or 4pin. Yes cause with that gelid connector, one female connector has 3wires and the other female connector will have 4wires which is for the fan with pwm. The motherboard will read the speed from the pwm fan and control both fans' speed together from that reading.
  4. Ok thanks for clearing that up! Will it be worth it to replace the case fans too? Im pretty sure these are the specs for them

    Speed = 1200 - 1600 - 2000 rpm
    Airflow = 39 - 56 - 79 cfm
    Noise = 25 - 28 - 30 dBa

    the CM fans are listed as 200rpm 90cfm 19dBa

    this comes out to seem like they will run just as fast as the antec fans, push more air than the antec fans at 2000rpm, and be quieter than the antec fans on low, so running the fans at half speed or so like I am currently will be even quieter?
  5. I have 3 Antec 900 cases, all with stock case fans set to LOW. Running them faster did not improve component cooling.

    And I tried mounting a second fan on my TRUE (old system). It made no significant difference to my CPU temps. At the time, I had a Q6600 running at 3.6 GHz in it. Core load temps running P95 were 61 - 66 C. The second fan (both were S-Flex SF21F's) dropped temps by about 2 C. Of course, YMMV.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion! Whats wrong with drawing the power from the mobo? It seems like it would add a lot more cabling i dont really need.

    I read up some more on that part, and this thing plugs into a molex and the fan header on my mobo, and the other 3 fans connecting to it use PWM? even if its a case fan? Would it be safe to put another 3pin y connector or 2 attached to this? Id love to run all my fans from it if its possible, I have 3x 120mm, 1x 140mm, and 2x 120mm on my heatsink
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