E8500 on a g41m ES2L

Alright guys,

Having a lot of issues with this CPU and board, I just cannot get it to OC at all!

The best I can do atm is up the fsb from 333 to 340, any higher and it just will not post (stock voltages etc)

Havent touched anything else other than ram voltage , what am I doing wrong?
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  1. Nothing. The G31/G41 is an entry level, economy chipset with, as you found out, a very limited FSB freq. My G41 is a little better than yours. The FSB freq limit is 352 MHz. The motherboard just will not run at 353MHz.

    That means that Core2 CPU's with a 333 MHz FSB freq are not good candidates if you are trying to OC with a G41. CPU's with 200 MHz - 266 MHz FSB freqs work better as you have more overclocking headroom.

    One of my G41's has a 2.93 GHz E6500 in it happily running at 3.66 GHz (333 MHz X 11). That particular chip will run at 4 GHz in my old P35 board.
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