Galaxy GT240 DDR3 1GB

Hello, I have a galaxy gt240 1gb ddr3 is it possible to overclock a bit that wnt kill my 300 watt psu
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  1. 300 Watt PSU not enough OC ! just keep default if your system Stable maybe next time u must upgrade your PSU min 480Watt pure or above be better.
  2. Got to agree, I would suggest getting a bigger PSU before you start overclocking components. 300W isn't enough to handle a lot of todays systems, though that does depend on what else you have installed..
  3. Ok thank you for your fast replies I have a Hp M7750N

    Here Is The Link For the Specs

    I have added a video card

    I really dont know much about replacing Psu...Could you lead me in the right direction as to which one to get?

    I also have 6gb of ram crucial and hp says my motherboard suggested upgrade is 4gb of ram...Best buy guy said I should be fine since windows 7 64 ultimate reads 6gb.

    I guess my last question is what is the proper ram for me to get and speed?

    I thank you again for all your help sorry if I have been a hender to you guys XD

    Just to be clear.....

    - Could you lead me in the right direction as to what power supply unit should I get?

    - Do you know a better video for gaming than what I have?

    -Which speed and brand of ram should I get and should I still use more than 4gb?

    Thanks Again
  4. Ram corsair 2*2GB DDR2 KIT / OCZ 2*2GB DDR2,
    PSU Corsair vx550

    i think GT240 enough for your system
    GeForce 9800 GT more betther than Gt240 see in...,2533-14.html

    Don't forget HSF aftermarket minimal Hyper212 for keep cool your CPU
  5. thanks for the reply but I have 2 questions

    I cant find the vx500 psu anywhere and im not completely clear which ram

    -2 sticks of 2GB ddr2 kit and ocz 2gb ddr?

    - or just one of those and would you know what speed i head 880 might be supported i could be wrng
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    sorry ... it's CORSAIR VX550 ,
    for RAM use of one Corsair (CORSAIR XTREME PERFORMANCE TWIN2X4096-6400C5C) or OCZ ( OCZ2RPR10664GK)
    because your Mobo AM2 support dual RAM, Get 2 stick @2Gb
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  8. Ahh ok thanks a lot
  9. I just had one last thing should i only gb 4gb or more cause im running 6gb right now
  10. - win7 64 bit 6GB be better than 4GB
    - win7 32 just 4GB
    for all purpose program default non OC : game, Rendering Video,3D D use 6GB or more better
    for Overclocking more stable use 2 stick 4Gb good enough

    you have 6Gb use all it's good !
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