Can my sata computer read a scsi zip drive?


I want to read some old 100mb zip disks, so I thought I'd just go on ebay & get an external zip drive & a parallel to USB cable. Then I wondered, gee - the zip is a scsi device... can my sata laptop even read it if I get the hardware?

Any clues?

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    I think that you will need a SCSI adapter card, pay attention to the specs there are different SCSI connectors/protocols..:)
  2. Thank you.
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  4. ZIP drives didn't use a SCSI interface, they appear as SCSI "Devices" because they used the SCSI driver layer (like some SATA drives); the interface was a bi-directional parallel, as far as I remember USB to parallel won't work, it had to be an on-board parallel port with a proprietary device driver; towards the end of the ZIP drive life there was a USB version of the drive, your choice is either to find one of these or get a PCI/PCIe parallel card.
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