Good day, wonder if anyone can help me? My PC keeps asking me for high speed usb controller..connecting high speed device blah blah..i've installed latest driver for motherboard with nforce 15.25 and still does not change..doesn't matter which port i use, message stays the same and still using all ports at reduced speed..

I can see usb 2.0 in device manager, but none of my ports uses this controller and remains on reduced speed

Anyone please? Thank you W.
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  1. Does a question mark appear beside the USB 2.0 in the device manager? And exactly what kind of driver did you install?
  2. Hi r_manic, no there is no question mark or exclamation..Driver installed was nforce V15.25 for Nvidia 680i LT SLI...The V 2.0 controller is installed - as far as i can surmise, as i can see it in device manager - it just does't want to access the high speed USB 2.0 transfer rate, no matter which port..even if i uninstall everything and reinstall mother board resources...
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