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Hi, I purchased barebones Gateway FX, put in a Pentium 4 775, two 2 gig DDR2 cards, and a new Samsung 3100N Hard drive. It also has a brand new Sony DVD/R/RW drive. I have been trying to install Windows XP for weeks now (it did not come with an OS) and finally got to the screen that says XP with the bar running under it. Then, it either gets to the baby blue screen that signifies the second portion of Windows being installed or it goes to BSoD saying one of two things: IRQL Less or Equal (most common msg) or A wait operation, attach process, or yield was attempted from a DPC routine. I tried taking out all but 1 RAM. I've tried taking out the CMOS batt and putting it back in. I am at the end of my rope. There is no floppy drive. There is no complete OS, so no safe mode and no RUN menu. Anyone at all ever experienced this before and know what I can do to get this system running? I am new to this, please help me!
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  1. Let's start with some more detail please.

    A link to this specific Gateway barebones kit.
    The exact CPU.
    The exact RAM.


    Version of XP? SP1? SP2?
  2. In the absence of full specs, two questions:

    Are you trying to install Windows from a real distribution disk or either a disk copy or an oem disk tied to a different brand of hardware.

    Have you considered trying another hard drive?
  3. I had trouble with my first builds until I downloaded the Bart PE, pre-install environment. It creates a boot-able disk using your Windows install files that lets you boot the hardware without installing an OS. It loads into RAM, so even without a hard drive it will still boot. I don't think it's compatible with Vista though. You might use a Linux Live CD which also loads into RAM.

    I had a similar issue with a system I tried to boot on a 250 watt power supply. The mobo PDF said 300 minimum, and it kept crashing with a blue screen when it got to a certain point, with the 250 watt PSU.

    Doesn't Dell use proprietary form factors? I'm not a fan of that. Then you can't swap stuff out with a standard system-the mobo and case anyway-the rest is standard I guess. Not a huge deal.

    You could reset the BIOS too. Maybe there's something protecting your system from Windows.

    And this would be a good time to try Linux. I switched to Ubuntu last year. If you have another system with an OS you're familiar with, you could use a KVM switch so you can run both systems on the same keyboard, video and mouse and just switch back and forth between the two until you learn the new OS. A KVM is very nice to have when building systems in general.

    Let us know how it goes!
  4. This would be the fourth hard drive I've tried.
    Pentium 4 775 socket
    Supported RAM = 333 Mhz DDR2 RAM (total of 2 gigs currently installed)

    I cannot get past the light blue "Setup is restarting Windows installation" screen where it shows that the process is halfway through. I was getting IRQL Less or Equal errors, but now it won't even run for one second without giving a "A wait operation, attach process or yield was attempted from a DPC Routine" error. I'm thinking I can't do this yet.
  5. Xp Sp2
  6. You should have better details on the RAM if you bought it. I suggest you go into the BIOS and make sure the voltage and timings match the RAM specs.
  7. Is this a OEM or Retail disc. Is the disc scratched or damaged.

    I would suggest downloading a LiveCD such as ubuntu to test whether hardware is the issue.

    I would also suggest running memtest86 to test your RAM, its free, and you boot from a CD once you have burned the iso file to a cd.
  8. Turns out the issue is that a part of the Pentium 4 chip is dead or bad. Chip needs replaced. But, can't seem to find new one, they are all refurbished and don't want to chance buying another bad one.
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