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Hi i rebuilt my computer (AMD 1075T X6 3.0 GHz/DDR3 1600 8gs/GTX460 768mb SC/Gigabyte UD5)
and i am new to overclocking, I was wondering if anyone had some overclock settings there could share with me or tips i haven't been able to get any stable overclock with my tries. Or possibly the setting i could set in amd overdrive.or some auto overclock programs,i am looking to get anywhere from 3.5-3.9 GHz

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  1. Read some guides, but basically lower you RAM multiplier then slowly increase the frequency testing for stability each time increasing the voltage as needed
  2. good overclocking from Bios not software,
    needed hardware good HSF Cooler CPU , Add Fan exhaust /intake for health & keep temperature your PC.
    Software : for control , test stability & benchmark.
    Step by step & much time
  3. If your RAM is running at 1600 already, you will have to lower the multiplier on it.

    But if it is running at 1333 (default for most AMD mobos), you should be able to slowly raise the FSB and test stability until you reach 1600 on your RAM. Then lower the multiplier on RAM and continue.

    Each chip/mobo/RAM is different, and settings for one person may or may not work for another. Luck of the draw if you get a good one or not!

    Good luck!
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