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So i have a 16gb Corsair Flash drive that decided to quit on me. The problem is that windows wont fully recongnize it. Windows sees it for a sc or two and then it disapears. I have tried 3 different PCs with XP, Vista and 7 aswell as a mac. None will see the drive

I would really like to get the data off the drive but i cant do anything to it since it doesnt recongnize for very long. Is there a program or something that would help me get at the data?

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  1. Is it a connection problem? I find that damage to pen drives normally happens at the end contacts. Try plugging it in, waiting for it to disapear, the "gently" changing directional pressure (slowly) to se if you can re-connect it. If it works, you just gotta hold it position while you get you data off.
  2. Its not a connection problem tried to wingle and even took shield off to see if there was any damage. No that i could notice.
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