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I hope this is in the right section. My dad's paying for 1.5 mbps for the internet I have, however when I'm downloading various things it says that the transfer rate is 200 kbps which seems much slower than it should be. I used several speed tests and called up my internet provider's technical support and everything said that i'm getting the full 1.5 mbps that we're paying for so why does my download speed seem so slow? I'm on a brand new computer I built and it has virtually no programs on it and yet it takes around 7 minutes to download a 100 mb file. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance
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  1. Are you sure you're getting your "B"s and "b"s correct?
    ISPs advertise in bits while downloads are usually in Bytes. 1 Byte is 8 bits.
    So a 1.5mbps line is 1,500,000 bits.
    1,500,000 bits / 8 Bytes/bit = 187500 B or 187.5 KBps in speed. So 200 kBps is right as many ISPs will go over a little bit.

    Also remember that the server you are downloading from will also determine your speed. It may be running at a slower speed than you are.
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