AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition 965

This processor runs at 3400 Mhz standard, was wondering how far I can clock this without changing the volts?
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  1. Hi.

    Please, list all your rig specs.
  2. ATi 5870 @ 900 Core & 1300 Mem /// AMD Phenom II BE X4 @ 3.8ghz /// Asus Crosshair III MB /// 2x 1TB Harddrives in Raid0 /// 1x 500gb /// 3x 200 MM fans /// 2x 2gb OCZ DDR3 Ram @ 1333mhz /// Old standard DVD Drive

  3. If your CPU is revesion C3, maybe you can go with 3.6GHz at stock voltage. Something above the stable clock at stock speed will need change the CPU voltage in little steps.
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