CrossfireX - Three Monitors, please help!

Hey guys, I'm needing your expert advice on this one. I'm new to Crossfire technology so I'm not sure exactly what I need to do. I have three monitors, two of them are 24" and the 3rd one is a 27" in the middle. I currently have the EVGA Classified mobo with a 4870x2 card. I'd like to be able to run Crossfire, but can I run three monitors with two cards? Or would I need to have three cards?

I'm still a little hazy as to what crossfireX does exactly. Does it let you span the game over all screens? I know each game would have to support this obviously, but I just want to plan ahead. Also, when I purchased the 4870x2, it only came with a crossfire connector to connect another card... how do you connect a third one if you had to?

Sorry to be such a noob guys, I'm just really new and before spending an extra $1000 in graphics cards I want to be sure. Thanks so much!
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  1. I run a 3 monitor setup using 2 4850's. I'll try to answer all your questions.

    You can run 3 monitors with 2 cards, however when running crossfire only the monitors connected on the primary card will function. This is why for my setup I normally have crossfire disabled. If I run a game that needs the power of crossfiring then its simple to disable my second and third display and enable it.

    Crossfire basically boosts your graphics card performance. It's a way of using 2 graphics cards to do the graphical processing work. The second card in a crossfire configuration is basically controlled by the first card. It does not allow you to span games across multiple screens. For spanning games google SoftH. Great program and with your setup you will love it.

    For connecting a third card you basically connect the top and bottom cards to the middle card using one cable each. (Cable from the bottom card to the middle, then another cable from the middle card to the top.)
  2. Thanks for the reply. So when you say you disable the second third monitors, does that mean you just unplug them or disable them in the software?

    It sounds like Tri-Fire is probably the best way to go over quadfire because you won't get much increase from quad fire over tri-fire. If I have one 4870x2 does that mean I could add just a regular 4870 and have TriFire? What I mean is, does crossfire run at the speed of the lowest card or the lowest GPU? If I have a dual GPU card and a single GPU card running together in crossfire, would that be like having just two 4870's or three? I would think three, but just want to clarify. :)

    THanks so much!
  3. When I say disable I mean thru software. CCC lets me easily disable or enable any of my monitors.

    Running a 4870x2 and another 4870 would be the equivalent of running 3 cards. For your configuration I would plug the primary monitor into your X2 (the one you will run games on) then plug the 2nd and 3rd display into your other 4870. This way you always have the power of crossfire (the 4870x2 is crossfired by default) and your other two monitors will still run. When you feel you need extra power you simply disable the other two displays and enable crossfire across the second card (tri-fire).
  4. Hi guys.

    I have a two XFX 5770 XXX and I am planning to set up a CrossfireX on 1 Monitor?

    Do I need a DVI Y Sape cable??? To connect one on the top graphic one on the botton and the other on the monitor?

  5. No, you just plug your one monitor into one of the graphics cards and that is it. And make sure you have the CrossfireX connector connecting the two graphics cards. Then in your control panel software there will be a checkbox where you can enable CrossFireX.
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