Need little tweaking and OC save support

Hello, hi guys, need help from MSI and AMD fans, can any of you help me with a small favor to ask, please set me a small review for save OC or cpu tweak for my cpu spec :
athlon 2 x2 250
MSI 740GM-P25 (MS-7623-current bios 2.30)
vga nvidia 210 1GB
memory 2GB
windows 7
i'm using OC software from MSI (control center, overclocking center and greenpower center 2 )
etc of my rest hardwares is TOTALY stockable none of it are customize parts, can any of you help me tweak my baby at least let say from 3mhz become 3.3mhz...just a little tweak that can't hurt my new cpu...please help me with all of your wisdom
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  1. OC with the stock software is the recommended overclock of vendor support, but should also be tested by test software stability. it's all depends on your needs, you'd had enough and the system is stable, just here alone. it's safe for long time

    different cases if you want a higher, bios is overclocking tool, oc is own risk!
  2. is it ok to tweak with the software that bought from MSI that i buy? i mean, with the power of mine..i'm cool! but what if i want little bit power? or performance? i do put my 4GB flash disc or MP3 for Readyboost to my system...

    what the recommended tweak for stock software not that i want overclocking tools if i have parts most of all stock and standard...what is the heat most tolerance that my mobo and processor can do it? is it around 50Celcius good enough??? because i do want long term but do more works and performance because my works today

    thank's before, i use my new computer for gaming and graphic design such as 3D max, poser and maya because i'm a designer graphic...
  3. it seem's when i change small increments of base clock 200mhz into 205 to max 210mhz my core freq change around 3300mhz and not pass 3300mhz! is that good enough? when all the setting like over voltage, DRAM, CPU, CPU-NB, multiplier and ETC and set auto in standard software from MSI alone, for the note when i play game like ghost recon and DW6 also using my graphic program such as 3D max my cpu heat increase around that good for long term user? or should i downsize the base clock after i use all of my need or should i set always 200++mhz base clock? as per see my ventilation and cooler system are stock
  4. .....i got my first NIGHTMARE...!! my computer has restart twice and going blank when i' doing some practicing on my own in BIOS.....and there he goes!!! pitch black after booting.....huweee!!! i really scared to death.....after i do minor or just one custom in BIOS that i see fine, my cpu can start normaly again...fiuh!! after i look when in BIOS and standard software recomended from motherboard MSI vendor just like same?! does this mean i CAN more easy setup tweak my cpu from there rather than BIOS (my first encounter with BIOS surely scared out hell)....i think i have my answer in front on my nose....just have to find perfect notch for my baby.....
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