PC crashes after 15 minutes

Hi guys, I'm having a lot of troubles with my new custom build system. I wanted to spare some money so I did the job myself (last config was like 4 years ago)

First my setup:

MSI KA790GX mobo
MSI Radeon R4870 1gig
AMD phenom 2 X4 black edition AM2+ @ 3ghz
Corsair dominator 2x2gb
Xilence 550W (xp550 with 17-18 A on 12V)
Vista x64.

So what problems have I had and what is the current situation:

- At first the computer did not want to boot with the whole 4 gb ram. There was always 1 unit that didn't work (always the same one). I could boot however with only 2 gb (1 unit) and the system was stable enough to play GTA4. no problems whatsoever
- After 3 replacements, my computer boots and runs fine with the 4gb but only for like 2 days. That's when I started to really use the system intensively and new problems started to occur (I only played gta4 for like 2 days).
- When I boot the system, i can get max 15 min out of in without a blue screen or a screen freeze / infinite audio loop. Sometimes I can't even make it into vista.

Any ideas what the problem might be? I'm really started to get frustrated, it's been a month since first buy and it's still not fully operational.

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  1. First thing I would check is your graphics card drivers. I had a similar problem a few years a go with an Nvidia card i had. It would lockup completely at the desktop just after loading. Make sure you're Dling the drivers direct from ATI and not MSI to ensure you're using the most current. Another thing to check, especially since you had problems with your ram, is to let the system sit at post and see if it locks up. You could unplug your HD that way it cant boot and see what happens.
  2. run memtest86. Just google it and boot your computer into that. If this test pasts we can verifiy its not the ram. If it fails then it's either the ram or the bios settings.
  3. It also could be heat related...Make sure to check your tempatures.
  4. Manually set the ram timings and voltage in the bios.

    Also that psu isn't the highest quality, it could be causing problems.
  5. First I would unplug everything except your Power Supply (if it spins it should work). I had a similar issue and my Power Supply was bad it just booted once, then after some time would not boot, then I booted again after some time went by and it randomly shut off. My Power Supply was DoA so i RMA'd to get a new one and after that it has been perfectly fine.

    Another thing I can suggest is check your MB temp (maybe a mobo update) and your Graphics temp (also update the drivers) and see if it gets to a certain temp and overheats etc.

    Last thing I would do is run a Memtest for your RAM see if everything is ok. I had random blue screens on my vista business machine after a certain amount of time which randomly caused it to shut down. I ran the Memtest and my RAM (Crucial RAM) or try changing the voltage, I could not find out where to change mine so I just bought some new RAM more than I had before and cheaper G.Skill. After I swapped my RAM it booted up just fine, and never got any more blue screens/random crashes since then.
  6. Thx for the tips guys, memtest is already running, awaiting results :-).
    I'm leaving on holiday tonight but will continue the research asap.
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