Transfering data from an old HDD to new system

Hello, I have an old HDD which has XP installed and multiple video games and I wanted to transfer these games on my new 1 TB spinpoint which has windows 7 installed. Could I just plug my old HDD in my new system and simply transfer data over? What will happen since I'll have 2 C: directories and two different versions of windows installed...

thanks, I'm kind of new to all of this
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    You won't have two C drives as windows will enumerate the drive and assign the next available letter or else you may need to assign the second drive a letter via disk management.

    Anyhow, you can't just copy the games over. You will need to reinstall them in win7. You can however copy the game saves over once you have the games reinstalled. Just copy them back into the game save folder.
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  3. You would probably need to reinstall the games.
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