Need a Power suply that extracts air...

Ok i built a new pc but made a error, its a small case and the psu sits directly above the CPU hs/f (3rd party zalman one) , the problem is the OCZ 500w one i have for some bizaar reason blows air onto the cpu, so the air the cpu is blowing off is comming back with more heat. Luckyly i have a Silverstone extractor that sits inbertween that extracts the air, but its still hotter then it should be, plus if i add a vga card to the case it wont help.

Now i have no idea why psus would blow air into a case, but im ganna have to buy a new one, 500wats will be enough for what i use (average gamer, will have 1 gaphics card in tehre at one point, AMD phenome x4 955BE 3.2 ghz 8gb ram.

so i need a psu that will extract air and blow it out the back of the case. This will allow me to lower fan speeds and lesten noise + temps.

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  1. im using this case:

    have to 120mm ultra quite temp driven fans on the frount so they blow air in without making a racket, hace the silverstone extractor in the back to suck air out, another extractor on the psu would make great airflow and would be quite,

    also if sombody could recomend a extractor expansion slot fan that doesnt make a raket and is silent be fantastic :D
  2. So there's no air coming out the back of the PSU?
  3. Wake up man !! PSU's are supposed to EXTRACT from your case RMA that sucker or take it apart and reverse the fan,usually the sticker is in the direction of the air flow,,and most psu's are mounted above the cpu,,,quickly now replace that sucker...:)
  4. there is no air comming out the psu,

    that is the psu i use.

    I also thought all psus extracted air so i didnt think twice when buying, and knowingn the heat off the psu can be around the cpu this puts a strain on the cpu fan to be working fulll blast all the time. 4th pc i built nd 1st time iv come across this.

    The Sticker is placed on the direction of airflow
  5. ill also add that im in a small case so a modular psu with small wires would be a big help thanks
  6. That logo is on the grill not the fan, so it does not indicate airflow direction.

    If your fan is turning the wrong way you need to RMA the PSU.
  7. nice PSU

    as somone mentioned - check the direction the Fan is actually turning

    Possibly under very low stress conditions the fan is very slow and feels like no air is being blown out.
  8. iv taken the psu out to chek, it definatly blows, in maby it was built for large cases where the cpu doesnt sit 1-2 inchs above the cpu?

    the major issue is under stress and over time it heats and pushs the cpus to 62% ,

    is there a good psu aound 50 pounds what anybody can recomed that will suck air out, ill have a look into the ocz site and emailthem to see if its a error on there part.
  9. Hmm, having just had a very careful look at the picture of your PSU I can see from the curvature of the blades that is "should" be sucking air out of your case.

    If it is definitely blowing into your case then I suggest an RMA to sort this issue.

    Would not be the 1st time I have heard of a PSU being wired up wrong in this fashion lol

    I'd be tempted to stick with the same brand which has a good reputation I believe - and its specs seem very good :)
  10. iv had another look to make sure and its definatly, 100% blowing straght into the case right onto the cpu.

    i mite go for the silverstone psu that they recomend for the case, it even says it will keep the cpu cool with a fanless heatsink so it should be great on mine

    Iv emailed them, lets see how long they take to respond,
  11. I would look at the raidmax hybrid 2-RX 530w for $54.98 with free shipping plus a $15 rebate at It has a huge 135mm fan, which my superflower has. This size fan should move plenty of warm air out of your case.
  12. ok this is whats ment to happen, this is my case...

  13. Stop your cpu fan and see if the results are the same.
    You've got a large, low rpm fan on the psu fighting a small high rpm fan on the cpu, you're airflow will not not resemble that of the photo.
  14. i took the psu out of the case again to test and its 100% definatly pusing air downwards onto the psu, which ever way i hold it up, its the same, as for the cpu fan im using a Zalman VF2000-LED , i can control the speed if the cpufan via a dial that came with it. When i turn it all the way down it heats up. However when i tun it down a very feint flow comes out the back of the cpu but its hard to detirmin if its just the air passing though from the cpu fan. But its almost notting compared to a generic psu i tested that blasts it out the back or my old thermaltake one that had a fan in the bottom and back. (are psus like this still made i coudnt find one.

    I had a look on the psu box and it says 140mm "top mounted fan" , should i of got a bottom mounted one?

    im also using a silverstone tek cross flow fan, to suck up hot air and out, it extracts alot when on full blast but isnt very quite so id rahter it ran at 50% where i cant hear it
  15. TurkzZ said:
    I had a look on the psu box and it says 140mm "top mounted fan" , should i of got a bottom mounted one?

    No need, just flip it over.
  16. TurkzZ said:

    Very good choice.
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