Question about sending in a broken motherboard

Ok, so I have to send in my mobo so I went through the whole RMA process. When I filled out the form it asked where I was shipping from and where the package will be returned to.

This is where it gets confusing. I am in the middle of moving to a new house so for the shipping from: section I put my current location. For the return to: section I put my moms address so I can just pick it up there in case I dont live here when the package returns.

So after this I printed out the shipping label. The problem is it only says From: on the top and then To: which is already filled in with their address. Their is no return to: section

Now I'm not sure what to put after From:

Should I put my current address or my moms address? I'm not sure if they will be able to know where to ship it if I put my current address in the From: section.

Have any of you been through this?
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  1. No, I've never been so confused in my life. I usually just use an ink pen and write in North Pole.
  2. Just put your name and mom's address for both regardless.
  3. I'm pretty sure they will return it to the 'FROM:' address, so I'd fill in your mom's address there... I'll tell you what I do as a matter of habit: if they provide a label, I use it; otherwise, I make up a destination (actually, an envelope, with the 'ship to' address printed BIG in the middle of it, and a 'shipping documents enclosed' note on it) and source label, both with the RMA number on the bottom, set apart from the actual address by a blank line. I make three copies of the RMA paperwork; one, I file, so I have a hard-copy; the second, I put inside the envelope that I used for the destination label ("shipping documents enclosed"), which I attach with a fully covering layer of clear 'shipping tape'; the third, I put inside the box - on the assumption that they'll lose the one in the covering envelope! Then, I flip the box all around, and on all six faces, with a big-assed magic marker, I (fairly carefully) write "RMA" and the RMA number in BIG LETTERS! It seems like most of the time, you're dealing with people who could be out-thought by a pet gerbil; so I try to make it REALLY DIFFICULT for them to screw it up! I've said it before: I'm a belt and suspenders and safety-pin kind of guy!
  4. Files link to thread under "85 84 days till xmas". It's that easy? :ouch:
  5. What's this 'xmas' thing? My calendars all count backwards 'til "32nm 6 core i7 release!" :bounce:
  6. Alright so I should just leave my moms address on it.

    I should have put her address on both the from: and Return to sections of the form, but I wasn't thinking.

    Just to make sure I guess I'll ask the people at UPS when I drop it off tomorrow.
  7. Quote:
    Just to make sure I guess I'll ask the people at UPS when I drop it off tomorrow.

    Trend alert.

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    badge - you gotta read "The Marching Morons", a science fiction short story by Cyril M. Kornbluth published in '51... You will die laughing (or collapse in tears - one or the other)!!
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