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Intel SSD

I have been looking at a website to buy computers from but they have recently added a 120GB intel X25-M SSD as far as i know the intel SSD's only come in a 32,40,64,80,160GB sizes and i cant find any info anywere about a 120GB intel SSD i was wondering if anyone has seen any info about this drive
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    It's a new drive that is based on the current G2 Intel SSD tech to fill the space between the 80 and 160GB and to provide competition with the 120GB SandForce drives that are everywhere.
  2. any idea were they are being sold other then Cyberpower i cant seem to find it anywhere else

    and i hope your right the drive is only like $260 which would be nice for a intel 120GB
  3. The one I have and the GSkill Phoenix Pro are faster than the Intel I believe.
  4. that depends a lot on what speeds mater to you this is a G.Skill Phoenix Pro 120GB

    while this is the Intel X25-M 80GB the 120GB is said to be the same from a post i just found on it a few sec ago
  5. opps that was a 160GB not a 80GB like i thought
  6. My OCZ Vertex 2 with 32.1GB free space.

    Seq. Read: 206.01 Write: 116.65

    4K : 20.09 - 60.36

    4k-64Thrd : 120.69 - 113.75

    Acc Time : .154 - .226

    Score : 161 - 186
  7. 120 Gig Phoenix Pro - My overall AS score was 468 (@ work so do not have individual scores).

    Phoenix pro currentl on sale for about $200 (newegg). The other 120 Gig SF1200 SSDs are running approx $230.

    I replaced my Intel G2 80 Gig SSD with the Phoenix pro, while the Benchmarks are better I really do not notice much difference. I think this is that the SF1200 beats the Intel in write performance, boot time and program load times are more dependent on read speeds and while the SF1200 is faster it not enough to really notice on a daily basis.
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