AMD and ASUS temps?


I just built a AMD Quad Core, 4GB RAM . 500 Watt Power, 500gb HD, running XP.

It came with the Sparkle 9400GT graphics card but im replacing it with a Sapphire 4830 when I get it.

What are good temps for my Mobo and CPU? I used this utility that came bundled with the ASUS kit. I looked around on google and it seems like there is a wide range of temps depending on what your setup is. (Intel, AMD, Quad core, etc)

I have them set to "optimal "right now instead of "performance".
Performance makes it louder and all fans run at full speed.

Right now if I look at the utility it says:

CPU 53 C
System 40 C
CPU Volt 13120
Computer usage shows between 0-5 percent. This is just using the internet right now.

I have 2 case fans reading about 2-2300.
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  1. Download HWmoniter and check it. Keep the CPU under 60 degrees.
  2. So keep everything under 60 C. and I am good? Even under load?

    The only thing I see over 60 is the graphics card. It is at 61.

    Im mainly asking because I am just browsing the net and my temps seem high for such a low computer load.
  3. Graphics cards often idle at 60ish. CPUs should idle under fifty. Run Prime95 and see what the CPU gets up to.
  4. Hi,

    I ran Prime95 for about 25 minutes and the CPU temp got up to 64 at a 100% load it showed. Then I shut it down.

    Fans were running at 3000+

    So your saying it should be under 50?

    Right now at idle just on the internet it is back down to 52C.
  5. The temp monitor you are using now may not be giving the exact temps. You may want find a program the matches your BIOS reading at idle. I'm running a AMD 940 and the specs say that the built-in thermal protection will shut down at 62c.
    The MoBo I am using is th Asus M3A79-T DeLuxe and the NorthBridge is rated to 55c, but personally I won't let it get to 50c
  6. Well the program I am getting the readings from are the ASUS programs that came with the motherboard.

    I tried CPUID as a second.

    The motherboard I have is the M3N78-Pro
  7. Are you using an aftermarket cooler?
  8. no this is the stock cooler that came with with it..

    I isntalled it exaclty how they said and it had the thermal paste already pre installed.
  9. Wellll, There's the reason for the slighly high CPU temps. I think you need a new cpu cooler and better ventilation.
  10. Better ventilation I dont think is the problem. I have a case that has a large grill open on one side. Air is pulled from the front fan through a vent and the back of the case has a fan pushing out.

    So are you saying the cooler that came with the CPU is junk?
  11. The one that comes with it is the most basic needed to run that cpu at safe temps. An aftermarket one will greatly help the cpu temp. And shouldnt cost you too much.
  12. You have a suggestion on oen you like? Ill go check the newegg reviews as well..Thanks
  13. With coolers, its all about personal preference haha just read around on newegg. Thermaltake and Cooler Master are two companies that are good in the range of average to above avg.
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