Can my PSU handle the 4770?

Ok so here it is, I want the 4770, but cant figure out if my system can handle it.

I have 2 hard drives, AMD 5000+, 4 gigs of ram, and a Dvd drive.

The power supply is this:

AMD's website recommends a 450 watt

Here is the power consumption from toms review of the 4770:,2281-13.html

If I can not get the 4770, I will be getting the exact 4670 shown in the review the ddr4 one. There doesnt seem to be a big diffrence, I am just not sure if the PSU can handle it?
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  1. Opps sorry, I meant difference as in power consumption. Yes, in performance, I know there is a big difference that is why I want it over the 4670 :) Just dont know if my PSU can handle it.
  2. Compare your current card here:

    The 4770 draws 80W at full load.
  3. Coozie, thank you that link helped greatly.
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