Thinking about RAM change

With the recent free fall in RAM prices, I'm tempted to upgrade my RAM. I'm also thinking about building another machine to use my old (3 months!) RAM in.

Anyway, here's the old stuff (1600Mhz)

And here's the one I'm looking at (1333Mhz)

How much will this affect my OC? My RAM is currently running at 1412Mhz, so I don't think it will make too much difference.
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    Don't change your RAM. It will be a waste of money. Plus, you go from 1600MHz to 1333MHz, which is a drop in theoric performance. Also, you won't see any real difference if you go from 4Gb to 8Gb. Plus, if you own a 32Bit system, the max amount of RAM your system will see is 4Gb. If you own a 64Bit system, and you don't use applications that need lots of RAM, I say stick with 4Gb.
    If you really want (or need) 8Gb, then I'd go with higher quality RAM, like this one : It has an included fan to keep it cool if you overclock it, and has very low latency.
    If that's too expensive for you, take a look at this kit : There is no included fans, and the heat spreaders are a little bit less efficient. But the timings are the same.

    My recomendation would be to save your money for a better video card. Then you will see a real world improvement.

    I hope this helped,
  2. 1600Mhz better than 1333Mhz ! see your JEDEC
  3. Thanks for the advice, I think I'll probably just stick with the 4GB I have now and buy a cheap set for the second system. Plenty of $40 4GB sets out there now.
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  5. Quote:
    I'm tempted to upgrade my RAM

    I got news for ya, that's a downgrade, not only in speed, but cas as well.
  6. Agreed, a downgrade with lower speed and higher CAS Latency....cuts you from a possible 50% OC to a 25% OC also.
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