Problem with motherboard I think.

Hey, I got a 9600gt about a month ago and I think it shorted out my pci-express slot. I'm able to get integrated graphics to work, but I can't get any signal from my video card to the monitor. When I turn it on the monitor goes directly to sleep mode. I'm pretty sure it's not the video card because I tested it in my friends pc and it worked fine, but when I tested his card and even my old one on my pc I still had the same problem. I also cleaned and changed my ram around like I've read could be a problem, but still no signal when I plug in either video card.

Before this happened, I would get unstable temps on my card of about 120 -140 degree C. I would immediately cut the system off and take the card out. I'd let it cool for a few hours and put it back in and everything would run fine. Is it possible that my video card shorted out my pci-express slot or could it be something else?

my system specs are:
Athlon x2 4400+
PCChips a15g mobo
PC Power & Cooling 610 Silencer
2gigs of kingston value memory
80 gb western digital hd
cheap case I've had for awhile

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Can anyone help me?
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    Based on what you tried, it does sound like the PCI-E slot is faulty. Is that the only PCI-E slot on your MB? If so, looks like you will have to use the onboard video.
  3. Yeah, that is the only PCI-E slot on my mobo. I just got back into town and got it hooked up tp my onboard video. Sucks, but I plan on getting a new motherboard and processor soon.
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