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  1. Cleeve I think this ram is a much better buy than the Patriot:

    Although from what I have read here on TH, the difference between 3gb and 6gb is almost completely nil performance-wise, unless you run a memory bandwidth synthetic benchmark. In which case you can just get a 3gb kit and save a bit more $$
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227384 (I own the 2gb sticks of these, very good ram, you can run them at 7-7-7-20 1600mhz @ 1.64v)

    Article: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/memory-module-upgrade,2264-3.html
  2. 7.7" wide...are we sure the DK will fit in the TJ08?
  3. I usually look at the rear fan. If the 120MM exhaust fits above the I/O backplate, that's a pretty good sign
  4. a scythe ninja fits and thats a seriously large cooler
  5. Just was looking for uATX cases and the Coolermaster 340 is apparently just the same as the TJ08(except the aesthetics obviously, and It doesn't have the two fans included)

    but it's half the price and you could get better fans with the amount you save and still have saved money.
  6. I think we should go with the Antec mini P180 to save $30


    Thekid, I've had good results from both Patriot and Gskill, but if you think it's worth the $5... sure, why not. I'm keeping 6gb though, we'll be using 64-bit Vista on all the machines to keep things on an even keel.

    Here's the system:

  7. Very white. Is there an option of adding a front intake fan anywhere, or does it just have the two exhaust fans for airflow? I don't think it would be a bad option, but I would like to see an intake fan as well for best airflow if there is going to be 2 GPU's in there.
  8. Yeah, the black version is like $60 more. So white wins!

    The case can take two optional 120mm fans as well. should I add two or do you think one will be enough?
  9. I can put in two of these puppies for $18. Very quiet!


    Puts the whole system at $1320

    Here's the parts list:
  10. I've worked it all over and don't see any changes with this CPU and form factor.

    I'm not sure the extra fans are needed... I would probably spend the 15 bucks on a can of black enamel :)

    Heh I don't know, I would have to see the case in person before I pass judgment on the color. It's clearly a nice case otherwise.

    Don't forget the $10 promo code on the PSU.
  11. I'd like to see one more case fan, but you can probably get by with just the ones supplied with the case. It looks like a pretty good build to me.
  12. Well with each fan only making 10db of noise, and costing $9, I'n not sure I'd bother saving the $9 for just one or even the $18 for two. I kind of like having them in there unless someone thinks it's a gratuitous waste of cash.

    My only regret is that now I'm curious how the Phenom system would've performed in comparison. Piqued my curiosity.
  13. Next time maybe we'll have the PII 945 or whatever they are calling it.
  14. Maybe next time we can get a PII 940+DFI Lanparty JR 790gx+2x4890's for around the same price...
  15. Ok so I know this is probably driving you nuts Cleeve, but what do people think of something like this?

    (last time I will do it, I swear)
  16. Heheh. Nice! I was waiting for you to suggest that actually.

    Frankly, I'd probably opt for two cheapo 4870 1GB cards and save the gobs of cash as opposed to the 4890's.

    I'd like to see how two 4890's stack up against a GTX 295 though. Maybe thats another review...

    ...but for now, I'm real happy with the i7. I think it'll give the skys-the-limit box that Thomas is going to spec a real run for it's money, at least when it comes to non-gaming stuff.

    The feedback has dropped off now and I think it's time to lock it down. Yep, I'm happy with it and unless someone points out a major flub I think we'll be sticking to it. I have to order the parts by monday so I'll be checking back now and again, so make your opinions known if you have 'em fellows.

    Here's the system:


    Thanks for all your great input guys! I really do appreciate it. Much better than developing a system in a vacuum as I'll be the first to admit, like everyone I have certain predispositions that need to be shattered once in a while.

    This box will be a thousand times better than the one I started out with and you active members are the ones to thank for that.

    Peace out!
  17. Yeah I think I like the i7 a little better than the PII 4890 option too. It looks great, I am looking forward to reading the article!
  18. As much as I'd love to see how a PII X4 does, the only glitch I see is the optical drive is out of stock.
  19. Yes, Great system at $1320.00.

    I am anxious to see the results.
  20. Antec make fabulous cases , but the Mini P180 is is 2 and a quarter inches taller than the silverstone TJ08 and very close to the size of the Three hundred .
    Its actualy taller than the Antec Solo which is an ATX mid tower

    It also limits the length of gfx cards that you could use .

    I think it stretches the m-ATX concept a little too far
  21. Yeah, Thomas Soderstrom also voiced that concern with the mini P180. But for the sake of keeping pricing down I'm happy with the case, and it's small enough to lug around pretty easily.
  22. Yeah, there are other options of course but they are mostly cheap junk.
  23. The X-QPACK2 is an excellent design, fatally flawed by shoddy materials and poor workmanship and/or QC. If made of steel rather than aluminum, and with some assurance of build quality, I'd probably want [another] one.
  24. Yeah, Cleve seems to want solid construction here, and I can't say I blame him. I paid quite a bit for my tank, just for looks and build quality.
  25. This looks to be a pretty solid build. I'm really excited to see the article when this guy is put together and assembled. For $1320 that is an amazing PC.
  26. I think the water-cooling of a micro-ATX form factor IS a cool idea; some of the water-cooling setups have systems which incorporate valves into their connections, so that when you disconnect them, no fluid will leak out. This sort of setup could allow for mobility (you could disconnect the cooling system when moving things around), and quiet efficient cooling for overclocking. If you watercool the graphics card or cards, as well as the processor and the motherboard, a quiet portable system may be possible.

    I quite like the thermaltake lanbox case with the handle on the top; the design looks like it'd be easy to move around with. Other mATX cases don't seem as "handy".

    Thinking of 775 processors, no mATX motherboards seem to review as good overclockers. This is what's holding me up.

    I too look forward to the results of this build, and people's thoughts on it afterwards. A portable gaming powerhouse is just what I want to build, although probably with an E5200 powerplant, if an oc'able p45 mATX motherboard can be found!
  27. Hmm.
  28. I haven't been able to see any of the Newegg Wishlists that have been posted--they show up as "This wish list is empty." Am I doing something wrong, or have they all been removed?

    I have a very small space available, and I was actually considering the HP Firebird (if it didn't eliminate the possibility of graphics card upgrades) before I found this discussion. I'm very interested in the MicroATX aspect, as well as the attempt to keep it quiet, which is just about as important for me.
  29. fenry said:
    I haven't been able to see any of the Newegg Wishlists that have been posted--they show up as "This wish list is empty." Am I doing something wrong, or have they all been removed?

    I have a very small space available, and I was actually considering the HP Firebird (if it didn't eliminate the possibility of graphics card upgrades) before I found this discussion. I'm very interested in the MicroATX aspect, as well as the attempt to keep it quiet, which is just about as important for me.

    This is an old thread and the wishlists have been cleared out. If you want help building something like this, start a new thread and you will get help.
  30. Not sure where the best place to make this request is, but i'll try here. You know how the SBM machines are often benchmarked against the latest dell/alienware/voodoopc/cyberpower machines at the same price point?

    Well toms sometimes posts mac articles about how macs are actually not as bad as we think, and they invite a storm of comments. It's as if tom's likes challenging the conceptions of its readers.

    Well, thats great. we want our conceptions challenged. Thats why we come here - for unbiased comparisons, not fanboyism. .... So lets see it. Instead of posting articles about how shiny macs are and how the apple tax isnt as bad as we think, lets see some comparisons.

    Why not take a $1250 mac and compare it to voodoo, dell, etc, and the latest $1250 SBM machine. Run it through the same suite of tests. The same performance per dollar metrics at the end. Then we will have something to discuss. Enough with the fanboys on both sides.

    If you have to bootcamp it in order to benchmark the applications and games, so be it. Test the systems using the applications people want to run. If the systems have to bend over backwards to accomodate said applications, so be it. And if theres an apple app that the people are crying for, hacintosh the others.

    I can't speak for others, but I think that'd make for some interesting reading.
  31. OK I'm happy now. I brought up the whole crowded case thing earlier in the build at least.

    It came out just too cramped for my taste, and too hot. Of course, in hindsight and with todays prices we can do a lot better:
  32. your wishlist is empty proxi
  33. I think it's a newegg bug. Working for me, but it's new so it maybe takes a few minutes.
  34. Empty list here as well.
  35. I think its a Proximon bug :P

    Just list what you selected
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