Dell XPS 630i Q6600 2.4ghz - no FSB adjustment in bios??

Quick question, please keep in mind that I've scavenged every forum and have found nothing on this!

Per my message title I have a Q6600 stock clocked at 2.4ghz. I used to have my cpu OC'd to around 3ghz, but I swear something happened to my BIOS. There simply is NOT an FSB adjustment option anymore, only a CPU multiplier (which won't do anything anyway).

Even if I disable speedstep and C1E, there's just nothing in there. If I adjust anything in the nForce software deal, i instantly lock up and must reboot.

Does anyone know if a windows update or anything sometime during the end of 2009 or beginning of 2010 that disabled any OC'ing possibility on this board? I can't figure out what in the world did this...
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  1. It could be alot of things that caused this most likely a dell update,just flash your BIOS back the original ones that were loaded on the PC, problem solved
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