Gtx 465 Aftermarket cooler question

I have 2 gtx 465's in sli on a Nf750-g55 Msi motherboard

the cards in this setup are not piggy backed there is about 1 inch room in between them--Galaxy Gtx 465

I want to get 2 after market coolers that will work in this setup i know for a fact that for the bottom card the size does not matter but for the top one i have the original card size and about 1/2 an inch to work with please let me know. the galaxy cooler sucks lol
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    - Thermalright Readies Shaman 140 mm VGA Cooler

    - ARCTIC COOLING Accelero S2 VGA Cooler
  2. Second for the Thermalright Readies Shaman.

    Either that.. or look at coolit's water cooling options.
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