Monitors: 1920x1200 vs. 1920x1080

What should I be considering when buying a 24" LCD Monitor and trying to decide between a monitor that has 1920x1200 vs. 1920x1080 (HD, 16:9)?

Note that my current video card max res is 1280x1024.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. it is a serious question and we are all missing something. wtf.
  2. I believe the number you are saying is the max resolution of your current monitor, not the gfx card. You may want to post the type of gfx card you have to know if can support a 24" display.

    Regarding the resolutions on the 24" monitors, 1920x1080 is meant for movie watching primarily, you can game on it just fine, its just made to fit true hd specs. So if you plan to watch a lot of movies go for that one.
  3. If I was buying a 24 inch monitor I'd want 1920 x 1200 . The extra height is really useful with almost all productivity apps .
    I dont care if theres a small black band top and bottom of the screen when I am watching a movie .

    Your video cards driver is reporting a max resolution of 1280 x 1024 because thats the limit of your current screen . Wuith a higher resolution screen it will offer the correct resolution .

    Be aware that 3d games need much more powerful gfx cards to run at higher resolutions . Your hardware might not be enough for smooth game play at 1920 x 1200 .
  4. Go for a 1900x1200, if you use multimedia apps the extra height is really useful. Make sure it supports 1:1 pixel mapping.
  5. +1 for Outlander. It really does help with usability.
  6. @stragestranger & @werxen: Your replies were completely non-value-add. Not sure why u ever bothered to post. Apparently u aren't perceptive enough to gather that I was lacking some understanding, and hence was asking a question, and was not even sure how to ask it. U 2 r brilliant.

    Thanks to all the others that replied, your responses were helpful, I appreciate it!
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