EVGA motherboard 790i SLI FTW post code help

Hi everyone i just replied to someone elses thread asking for help, but realized may be not to bright so am starting a new thread lol. Doing my first desktop build and when going to boot up for the first time i get 1 long beep about every 10 seconds and the post debug code on the MB reads F6. This does not show up in the manual anywhere.

When turned on all my LED's are lit and all fans are running but just no video. I have 2 2G RAM sticks initially put in and tried putting both in seperately but nothing different happened.

Am not at home so here are the specs i remember.

750w LSP? PSU
EVGA Geforce 9500GT graphics card
INTEL 2 Quad Core CPU

Any help or would be great. I want this first build to be a success!
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  1. IIRC, the F6 code means memory error. Since you've tried swapping, switching the sticks, think you can loan another set to try on your computer?
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