Unlocked X3-445 core at 80C

Hey guys,

I have an Athlon X3 445 in which I unlocked the fourth core in my ASRock bios and ran a Prime95 stress test. Temperatures reached 80C so I tried underclocking to about 2800 each core (or at least for the last core) and idle temps are 46C.

Before I unlocked the core I did a test overclock of the three cores at about 3400Mhz and it ran at or below 50C.

Any ideas on what I should do from here? Underclock the four cores until it's cool enough or overclock 3 cores?

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  1. You have managed to unlock the core then it would be nice to try stay in X4 position, Clock CPU x4 would be better than X3, despite X4 lower clock.
    keep the temperature as safe and as cool as possible.
    The comparison, store in bios for OC x4 and X3 to. And then Test your OC use software Benchmark ( Cinebench, Futuremark, Passmark, 3DMark06, sysoft sandra tools, etc ...! you will see results score. good luck !
  2. X4 and X3 at the same speeds it's obvious that the X4 would do better, but depending on how high you can get the X3 then I would say go for that. I had an X3 at 3.6GHz and it topped most *stock* X4's benchmark scores!
  3. Thanks for the advice. The thing is.. the X4 runs WAY hot even at idle. The X3 will run 19-20C at Idle and 50C tops during prime95 testing.

    The X4 starts between 40-50C and tops around 80C during testing which is above the 75C "max temp" spec.

    Can I get some advice on overclocking the X3? For some reason I cant get past 3300Mhz or so stable. Is it because I'm not turning up the NB voltage? I have about 1.42 cpu voltage and I underclock the North bridge to keep it under 2000Mhz (stock value).

    I have triple channel ram but really 2 of them are running in dual channel and 1 in normal. They are rated 9-9-9-24 at 1600 so I keep it under that for testing but I still crash during stress testing.

    I see articles that got over 3500 easy so what am I doing wrong? T_T thanks
  4. Remember that not all X3s are perfect X4s disabled.. some are faulty X4s that have been made into X3s.. this *could* be why you're getting such high temps - a faulty X4.

    Anyway.. when I was using a 720BE X3 I had to get up to 1.47 to get stable at 3.6GHz. Can you get stable past 3.3 if you up the voltage some more?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking the temperatures would be the reason the X4 was considered faulty to begin with, though it's weird that ALL core temperatures will shoot up that high having just one more enabled but I don't know the engineering details of it.

    As for overclocking, could my problem be that I am not increasing the NB Voltage? All I've been doing is increasing CPU voltage and clocks while decreasing NB and Memory clocks to keep them under spec to see how high the CPU could go, but maybe I should be increasing NB voltage along with it??
  6. I also got a reply on overclockers forums saying that after unlocking the temperatures reported may be inaccurate. I am going to try to find the difference using a method they gave me which I need to clarify on first.
  7. What does the temp say under bios if the 4th core is unlocked?
  8. acer0169 said:
    What does the temp say under bios if the 4th core is unlocked?

    ^ this

    The fact that you have core temps with ACC enabled alone is amazing...normally they would read 0c w/acc enabled.

    In the screen shot, max "core" temps were 55c and the max cpu "socket" temp (CPUTIN) was 37c. Core temps are often below socket temp on idle and will remain lower than socket temp or level off about the same as socket temps on load. That's 18c over socket temps when they should be about the same or less.

    I would follow the bios and CPUTIN temps for now. Compare those locked and unlocked for a baseline.

    Shouldn't need much if any additional vcore if the 4th is healthy, keep it low.

    (core temps w/acc enabled ???)
  9. Hey guys,

    I've been following some instructions since I received news that an unlocked fourth core might show temps that are off.

    In bios, X3 shows 28C, X4 shows 33C.

    Here are screenshots of both locked and unlocked under full load.


  10. Go by your bios temps. Looks fine at 33C idle.

    Also try and get a copy of Everest Ultimate as it's very good at finding correct temps.
  11. As a x4 look at the CPUTIN temp this is from a sensor on your board as I think the core temps are wrong. The 61C above is as high as you want it to go so I would get a better cooler or overclock 3 cores only.
  12. I think we've solved a lot of the issues, see this thread for info:

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