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I have an MSI AM3 AMD 870-G45 mobo and some Corsair 4GB Dual Channel Corsair DDR3 Memory.

The ram is 1600 mhz, but the mobo defaults it to 1333 mhz. So i overclocked the ram to 1600. Does this i any damage or shorten the life of the ram/mobo.

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    overclock will save for the long term if undertaken by the rules : Temperature & Over voltage & Max capacity.
    u must be carefully OC RAM don't too far or high from default FSB RAM !

    1333 to 1600 no problem if stable. or 1600 to 1333 (all must stable when test stability )
  2. Yeah, watch how high you put your voltages. It might be stable but the heat generated could deteriorate the life of your ram if set too high. Stick closely to manufacturers max specs.
  3. Yes set the ram up as close to manufacturers specs as possible. From what I saw you should be able to run 1600 with a cas latency of 9 without issue. Make sure you manually set the voltage as well. That is just to run stock, overclocking the ram is a different story.
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