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I need some advice on building a home media server current setup is a 16 drive case with sata connections on the back plane. I would like to run 8 Seagate 1tb drives in raid 5 with the plan to add 8 Seagate 2tb drives in the future and possible replace the original 8 as price comes down. I have a Giga-byte motherboard GA-EP45-UD3P Rev. 1.6 with an e8500 and 8 GB ram OS Win7 64-bit. I was about to buy a internal 16 port card (4x8087) when I realized this is probably over kill I would like the 6gb speed possibility for future use and possibly an external port for expandability. I have read that most cards can handle multiple drives with expanders, but I have not read how to use this inside one case and with one motherboard. Also I would like this to be hardware raid if possible looking for no chances in problems arising. I will mainly be using this as a server for blue ray and other media files and will also be recording directly to it. Also this will be the main work station. I am getting the Norco 4116 which seems pretty nice for an enclosure. I purchased a rocket raid 2740 but it was out of stock, thank goodness because I am not sure what I am doing. Thanks for any help David
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  1. Have you tried the unRAID?

    It is much cheaper. I have a good working unRAID for a 2 years now.
  2. Anyone know of a comptible setup for a RocketRaid 2721 with a compatible expander for 16 seagate ST31000528AS 1tb
  3. Any chance anything like this would work RockerRaid 2721 (Cheap) with an INTEL RES2SV240 also (Cheap) with Said Seagate ST31000528AS Hard Drives. I have read where some of the expander cards are just seen as enclosures that would be bought separate. Any help is appreciated. I have dove in and bought the case now I just need a setup that’s going to work.

    GA-EP45-UD3P Rev. 1.6 willing to upgrade if must
    2 TV tuners
    8 said Seagate drives
    750 watt power supply
    Norco 4116 I bought this for the 2 cd rom drives
    1 Intel gen 2 ssd 80 gb
    win 7 64 professional OEM
  4. Solve problem with a little luck. Ordered the LSI MegaRaid 9280 16i 4e, works flawlessly with my mother board and hard drives.
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