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GPU stck at 99% load...

my 1st gpu is stuck at 99% load with no games or anything running. and this only happens after i am playing a game and close it to do something else. how come? and how do i fix it.
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  1. Did you recently update drivers? Try uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling, or even reverting back to older drivers if you want.

    Also does it happen for all games or just one? Test a few games and see what you come up with, and try different drivers or reinstalling them. Hope it helps!
  2. It doesn't take much to max an old MX400.
  3. i got crossfire xfx 5850 and it only happens certain times with random games. doesnt happen all the time. umm... how do i completely uninstall drivers and which ones shall i install?
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    Could have been a bad install, I think I might have had that happen to me once... can't remember but I've had some issues after a new driver install. Nothing a fresh install won't fix.

    You're going to need Driver Sweeper. Just download the latest drivers, 10.12. Open your Add/Remove Programs and delete all your ATI related stuff. Then run Driver Sweeper and completely remove everything ATI (also if there's any Intel or Nvidia drivers, delete those too!). Reboot the system (resolution should be crap). Install the ATI drivers, reboot again, and it should all be working fine. Check it out.
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