Samsung HD103SJ click when starting

Hi, I heard before that if the hard drive is making click sounds its bad.
So I recently purchased Samsung HD103SJ its brand new and from its beginning its makeing a one click sound when im starting computer. Also its not makeing the click sound when im restarting ore at any point when its working, sound appears only when I start computer.
So is that normal ore should I be worried ?

I searched forums for answer but couldnt find anywhere where it said about the one click at the beginning at any forum, hopefully someone can help me here.
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  1. Don't worry it is normal. If it is a grinding sound and your operating system freezes then you worry. For now enjoy your new Samsung HD103SJ.
  2. Ok thanks alot.
  3. Hi cepumz,

    I have this hdd to and i have the same problems.

    This click I always determine if the harddrive stay in the sleep mode and get wake up. (Spin-up)
    I make some test with the APM/AAM parameter from the disk.

    1. AAM 80h / APM 01h
    Disk always spin-down after some time. If you like use the computer they need to spin-up. Computer always freese and wait for the hdd a long time (terrible).
    On the end of the spin-up the click from the hdd.

    2. AAM C0h / APM 80h
    Disk should not spin-down any more. (no stand by of hdd).
    But I detected that the click i have before only by spin-up, I get always in very short cyles.
    It seems the disk don't spin-down but only parking the head.
    This always cause the click during wake up.

    How ever this hdd is very oddly. I never have a disk like that.
    I hope it's not damaging inside.

    Model : SAMSUNG HD103SJ
    Firmware : 1AJ10001
    Disk Size : 1000.2 GB (8.4/137.4/1000.2)
    Buffer Size : 32767 KB
    Queue Depth : 32
    # of Sectors : 1953525168
    Rotation Rate : 7200 RPM
    Interface : Serial ATA
    Major Version : ATA8-ACS
    Minor Version : ATA8-ACS version 6
    Transfer Mode : SATA/300
    Power On Hours : 2128 Std.
    Power On Count : 486 mal
    Temparature : 29 C (84 F)
    Features : S.M.A.R.T., APM, AAM, 48bit LBA, NCQ
    APM Level : 0080h [ON]
    AAM Level : FEC0h [ON]
    C8 100 100 __0 000000000044 Write Error Rate

    The smart parameter told there are some Write Errors,
    and the hdd only have 2128 Std. uptime hours.

    The other hdd I have are 10555 Std. uptime and have no errors.
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