Weird problem with my External Harddrive


I've been using my 1TB external hardrive flawlessly for the past 2 years until today. While I was installing NBA 2k11 in the external harddrive (Like I do with every other software/game), the install setup suddenly stops and says that my external harddrive has been disconnected. I try unplugging then plugging it back to my usb port (same one) then all of a sudden it seems to have gotten slower like if it was using the USB 1.0 port. Now it takes at least 3-5 seconds into opening each folder. Long detection time. I've tried plugging it to different ports but to no avail. Just to see whether it wasn't a USB port problem, I've connecteed my thumb drive into one of them and the computer sees it as if it was an ordinary USB 2.0 drive.

I really need help because I have a lot of stored pictures and videos which I do not want to lose!

PS: Out of 1TB there is only 254 GB left
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  1. The first thing you want to do is to copy all the data you can onto another drive. Its sounds like the drive is corrupt and or is failing. Before you do anything else back it up and then run diagnostics on it.
  2. If I do that it could take me well over 3 days! (Very Slow Speed)

    Is there any other alternative I could possibly take?
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