ATI 4870 1GB fan going nuts during games with particles

Sapphire ATI Radeon 4870 1gb
AMD Phenom II 965 BE
6gb DDR2 RAM
Gigabyte MA785GM motherboard

My graphics card fan & temperature goes completely nuts when i play many games such as Battlefield 2, Counter-strike, or any game with dust particles flying around, and then goes back to normal when they disappear, it's loud enough to sound like a jet engine is taking off.. I've updated drivers to 10.12 as well, no changes. Everything is at stock speed.
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  1. Idk man my Sapphire 4830 does that when i play racing games with alot of smoke, doesnt seem to hurt anything so unless the noise bugs you i wouldnt worry about it much.
  2. The more dust/particles for the card to render, the higher the workload/heat. You both mentioned AMD 4xxx cards which are getting older now. Perhaps you just need to clean the heatsinks?
  3. The 4870 was one of the hottest running cards ever. All that screen activity revs it up to the max....try some compressed air on the cooling fan / heat sink.
  4. Sounds like the gpu is having memory clock problems try forcing the fan to stay at a constant flow ,try 60% fan usage and monitor the clocks if they jump around then you have a chip problem.
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