Is psu good enough??

I'm considering overclocking my athlon II x3 435 and try to unlock the fourth core, together with my HD 4850 gpu,

Was wondering if my PSU is powerfull enough to handle this.

my psu is a Corsair vx 450

the rest of my system is a follows:

Mobo Asrock 890fx deluxe3
4 (2+2) gb kingston hyperx ddr3 1333 ram
harddrive: spinpoint 1gb
stock cooler on cpu
unknown case, but it is crap!

Benchmark and stress tests:
primne 95
pc wizrd 2010

and finally, what temperatures is recomended for my cpu and gpu, before it gets too hot?
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  1. Plug ya components into this:
  2. ^^^ Very good link to have handy. It's the same as:

    Anyway.. yes rambostyrer I would think you'd be just fine. Overclocking doesn't add all that much to the power load, and you have a good quality PSU so you should be just fine.
  3. It may be good enough right now, I would still look at possibly getting at least a good 650 w unit, because it may not be good enough for the next upgrade, and power supplies are not that expensive.
  4. The vx450w is an excellent psu and your athlon is a low power cpu even when it's oced.It should do great.
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