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I am planning to get a HD 3650 512MB AGP DDR2 card for my computer, thing is I want to know if it can transfer sound thru the DVI to HDMI adaptor, and if it has HDCP. Can anyone help me please?
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  1. Ok thanks, I've seen HIS's HD 3650 AGP can output HDMI with 5.1 sound and I was wondering about this one. In your post you said an expensive receiver, are there some that split HDMI into sound and video seperately but still use HDMI for video?
  2. I'm going to get a Yamaha A/V receiver and I have a SHarp Aquos 65" HDTV. I was wondering if a cheap Creative Audigy SE sound card could output to the reciever. The speakers are Polk Audio. The HDMI issue was resolved I gave a call to Sapphire support thanks.
  3. Thanks, I'm planning to get a Diamond XtremeSound 7.1 sound card and in my other thread 'Wolf" kindly helped me with the SP/DIF thingy lol. Yes that Sapphire doesn't output sound but a HIS HD 3650 AGP does. So if i were to plug a HDMI cable from that card into a A/V receiver can the reciever take the audio and send it thru the speakers and the video back to my TV? Thanks
  4. Can you please PM me the replies lol, i can't see any replies on my computer? lol i think my internet is glitched
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