Help to overclock GT 425M

I bought an MSI wich has a GT 425M GPU and an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator.

The 425M is clocking at less than half of the recommended clock speeds recommended by nVidia when running games like crysis.

So I want to overclock the GPU. I have tried things like rivatuner and msi afterburner but cant seem to be able to change the clocks, whenever i click 'apply' they just set back to default.

Can anyone help me overclock this mobility GPU?

P.S. ive seen alot on these forums about BIOs overclocking, would this work for me?
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  1. First off this could be a nVidia driver problem. Secondly in nVidia control panel there should be an option to OC, I don't have a nVidia card so I don't know what its called but like what you said, I cant OC in Msi Afterburner without ATi Overdrive turned ON. So look for that option. If you do manage to get back to normal clocks, its probably not the best idea to OC a mobile graphics chip. Another thing to try is to roll back drivers, use older ones.
  2. looked in the nvidia control panel and i cant find an overclock option...
  3. Try going to nVidia's website and DLing older drivers. Or this, find the MSI Afterburner folder in your Program Files, look for a cfg file called "MSIAfterburner" scroll down till you see something called "EnableunofficialOverclocking" that let me OC my card.
  4. i emailed msi support and i had to update my bios, now its going good as!
  5. I think footabllpoker just wanted to get it back to stock clocks. Not overclock above that.
  6. footballpoker said:
    looked in the nvidia control panel and i cant find an overclock option...

    You need NvidiaTools
  7. IIRC you need to first download and install "NVIDIA System Tools with ESA Support" before you can overclock through the NVIDIA Control Panel
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