Overclocking amd phenom II x4 955

Amd Phenom II x4 955 @ 4ghz at 1.5v
biostar ta890fxe
4gb ddr31600
sapphire hd 5850
rosewill extreme 750w power supply
cooler master v8

I have recently overclocked my cpu, i have gotten it to boot and finally be able to run bench marks, i can complete most of my benchmarks at 4ghz(mulitplier at 20) i just have a question, is 1.5v safe, i have temps no hotter than 55c on load. i can get the pc to boot and play games but crashes after a certain amount of time with other voltages other than 1.5, is it because of the voltage not being high enough or just not stable.
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  1. 1.5v is as high as I would personally like to go. I know some run perfectly fine at 1.55, but not all chips are the same and some can't take even a single voltage increase. How stable are you in prime95?

    Can you run 100% stable at say 3.8GHz? If you can run at 3.8 I would suggest just dialing it back to that.
  2. 1.5V is as high as I would go but I would say you are fine at 1.5V. As mentioned above run prime 95 for at least 2 hours, 4+ even better.
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