What are BETTER backup programs than Win7's Backup?

We back up our company data every night using Win7's backup. However, this utilizes a lot of space on hard drives requiring us to have to go in and delete older backups. Are there better backup programs that only backup changed data or, at least, delete old backups before starting a new one? If you have any suggestions, thanks!
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    Didn't use that kind of apps in a long time (used Lazy Mirror) so I can't help, you should start digging if no other replies:

    Ask in the Software/Win 7 section of the forum too.
  2. How about a Windows home server? For small businesses its a great tool to have for file share and unified access let alone automated backups. Mine has been a great help on many occasions (Hard drive failures and system upgrades), just pop in the recovery boot disk and have the server rebuild the hard drive from an existing backup.

    Here is a 2tb HP unit for example:

    Expandable (can add more hard drives latter down there road) and no extra software required.

    Food for thought

  3. I really like Acronis.
  4. I am considering GFI Backup and also Memeo's products. Memeo also has an Autosync program that makes certain I have copies of the latest files? Thoughts?
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