Question about overclocking Unlocked cores.

If i can get an answer in the next 8 hours that would be great.

Im looking to get a i5 2500K edition sandy bridge upon release, and a matching mobo and new ram to go with it. Though my pc store has big sales on ram, the prices 1/3 and even 1/4 there original price, though stock is running out on alot of sticks.

Anyway, if i overclock with unlocked cores, that would mean i dont need to change the fsb speed? So a well over clocking ram wouldn't matter?

Thinking of getting one of these two ram kit's in the next 10 hours:
Or this, only if above one is a bad brand,
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  1. The K series have unlocked multipliers so you overclock using this not the FSB/frequency so the RAM speed stays the same. I have never heard of the 1st brand and don't know about the second but as long as it works it should be fine.
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