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everytime I turn off my pc, I have to remove the cmos battery to get it to power up. Is this the sign of a failing battery?

Or is it something else? any thoughts or suggestions welcome. :hello:

specs - intel gag915 - pentium 3ghz single - 3 gigs corsair dual channel- earthwatts 650 mod. psu. Nvidia 8800gt.
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  1. 1. Could be a problem with your BIOS settings, as removing the CMOS battery resets the settings to stock.

    2. Could be dying battery.
  2. Hey thanks, shadow

    I am going to grab a new battery today so I can hopefully rule that part of it out.

    Fwiw - my pc is at the 5yr old mark - I've heard that batteries tend to start losing power thereabouts.
  3. Lol, I loose power at around the 2.5-3 year mark or earlier.
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