HIS 4890 Turbo VS HIS 4870 Turbo IceQ4

Hey all,

I'm currently trying to decide between either of the two GPUs:

HIS HD4870 IceQ4 Turbo (pre overclocked) 780/4000MHz for $345 (AUD)


HIS HD4890 Turbo (pre oveclocked) 900/4000MHz for $399 (AUD)

I have read very good reviews about the IceQ4 cooling system on the HIS cards but am tempted by the small(ish) price difference for the faster card.

What would you buy? (I'm building a new PC for gaming purposes).


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  1. What resolution do you play at and what are your system specs.?
  2. Hi,

    1920x1080 res.

    I'll be getting the following system soon:

    Asus P6T Deluxe V2
    Core i7 920 (with plans to OC when I can afford a decent heat sink)
    6Gb DDR3 1600 (Corsair 8-8-8-24 most likely)
    850w PSU (OCZ)
    CM Storm Sniper case with additional 200mm side fan


    P.S. Both cards listed are the 1Gb models. Oh, and I can't afford a 4870X2 (they start at $700 downunder!), but plan to throw a second card in 12-24 months down the track as a simple, cheap upgrade.
  3. For a new build I'd get the faster card but you might also want to look up a few reviews of the GTX 270 if you have not done so already.
  4. The 4890 is easily the best choice, that resolution needs GPU power.
  5. HD4890 hands down.


    And 900MHz the HD4890 is even better than the GTX 275 so I wouldn't put it in the mix.
  6. Thanks to you all for your input. The prices recently dropped on ATI in Australia so the gap is down to $33 (between the two cards in question). I now agree the 4890 is the way to go even if it doesn't have the better cooling system. My case should have good enough cooling, regardless.

    I must admit, I've been starting to read about Nvidia cards... Looking into things like the 285GTX (as a powerful, cheaper alternate to the 4870X2) but think I want to stick with ATI. From reading, Nvidia seem to have less noisy fans and less power consumption than ATI (generally speaking). The game that's most important to me is Operation Flashpoint 2 (not yet released - quite sad how keen I am! LOL) and this game uses Codemasters EGO engine which is the engine they used for Race Driver: GRID and ATI seem to smash Nvidia in all the tests I've seen involving that particular game.. Kinda like how NVidia always seem to smash ATI when it comes to Crisys.

    Only question now is; By the time I'm ready to order my parts, will a 4890X2 be released which will bring the cost of the 4870X2 down to my budget :D I hope so, but if not I'll be happy with 4890 ;)

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