Is my cpu too hot?

I have a Intel E8400, stock cooler. (It's in a dell I just bought)

I have a GTS 250 video card in it and a PCI slot fan, which pulls out a lot of air...

It idles at 47celcius and gets to about 66celcious when gaming....

I dont have room for a aftermarket cpu cooler.... Is this too hot? what can I do to cool it down if it is too hot?
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  1. That is hotter then i'd run my core2 duo CPU. Depending what model Dell you have you should be able to add a case fan or an aftermarket cooler (some of them are closer to the stock HSF in size) Possibly just resetting the stock HSF with new thermal compound may help. Try running it with the side cover removed to see if/how much it changes your temps. If it goes down substantially it points to an airflow problem.
  2. I took the side off and it idles 5 degrees cooler....

    Would putting a new cpu cooler on this help?
  3. Those temps are actually pretty close to normal for that cpu on a stock cooler.
    Keep in mind that the Max temp for this processor is 72.4C.

    Factory HSF (DELL) - 45 idle - 63 load
    Good aftermart HSF - 30/38 idle - 55 load
    Thes temps are factory clock speeds - not OCed

    The fact that you have a GTS 250 in there probably counts for the other few degrees. You said that you had a PCI exhaust fan, Correct? Where is it located in your case in reference to the Video card? Is it the video card? IF it is below the Video card with the fan facing up it will interfere with the air flow of the Graphics card. THIS is not good as you really need cool air from the outside of the case blowing on this location. What kind of case fans do you have?
  4. Yup your temps are fine and 66 C is normal and within Intel's specs. I use the Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro on my e 8400 and it reduces the full load temps to about 56 and not more than 60 C even after several hours of gaming.
  5. Theres a 90mm back fan and thats it. There are large holes all the way down the side of the case at the bottom, where the graphics card is...

    The pci slot fan is under the video card, should I take it out? There isnt a PCI slot above the card... Would it be better if that fan wasnt even in the case?

    Also, so it's safe to run at around 65C? I was just worried about it burning up because my real gaming rig, runs at 34C idle, and 40 under load.

    I may just take everything out and put some Artic SIlver thermal paste on there, that should help it cool down a few degrees shouldnt it?
  6. Sounds like you could use another case fan.
  7. loneninja said:
    Sounds like you could use another case fan.

    There's no place to mount a new fan. The computer is my brothers, he just got it 2 days ago. I suggested cutting a hole in the side and mounting a 80mm fan on it, blowing on the CPU but he doesnt want to cut a hole in his case...
  8. He will be fine. I would recomend removal of the PCI fan, especially if there is no way to mount it above the video card. Just dont OC! The place where the fan would matter most would be intake in front/Bottom and intake on the side blowing on the graphics card.
  9. xtc28 said:
    He will be fine. I would recomen removal of the PCI fan, especially if there is no way to mount it above the video card. Just dont OC!

    So, you wouldnt suggest me putting different thermal paste on the cpu?

    And I'll remove the PCI fan and install the EVGA tool so I can change the fan speed on the card if needed. What can I get to see the temp. of the video card and what's a "normal" temp. for a video card?
  10. If you do it right it might make a small difference. It depends on the card

    Here is a review for the gts 250

    Heres some stuff from INTEL on thermal management. I figured you might wanna read up.
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