MSI Pro E's heat issue

Hi everyone.

Was just wondering if anyone here purchased the revised Pro-E boards. The ones that are
fully black in colour not the funky reddish brown the previous models had.

And if so,what are the IOH temps looking like on those new boards vs. the older ones?

Many thanks.
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  1. Errr, what "heat issue" are you talking about? Are you saying the older ones had temp problems?
  2. The MSI Pro, Pro-E and not to mention the Eclipse and Platinum ALL suffer from raised IOH temps
    compared with other mobo's. Initially with the Pro it was due to poor choice TIM on the the IOH and SB
    heatsinks coupled with the use of push pins instead of bolted screws to secure the sink.

    These issues were partly; (read) partly resolved with the Pro-E, with bolted on sinks and the usage
    of a newer type of heatsink material. Unfortunately the issue is still there, chipset temps are only very
    mildy lowered; still in the range of 60-75; even with revised sinks.

    Seeing as how these temps are still high, the community at MSI's forum has an extremely popular sticky on how the mod the heatsink. I don't know about you or anyone else here, but i don't fancy buying what in essence is an unfinished product and completing the job myself. :pfff: :sweat:

    Improvements after the so called mod vary widely, and one has to take into account the risk of
    possible damage to the mobo.

    Now back to my question, can someone please tell me what your numbers on the IOH pre and post mod if possible are. Anyone?

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