Mobo and DDR3 for Athlon II x4

I'm considering getting an Athlon II x4. Can anyone recommend an AM3 motherboard for this CPU? RAID, GB Ethernet, embedded graphics and sound are not priorities. I mainly want a stable, fast board. Also, is there much performance benefit in using DDR3 system ram Vs DDR2? Thanks for your help!
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    Regarding DDR3 vs. DDR2, Tom's already concluded that DDR3 isn't worth the additional price. Also, perhaps the test setup in this article could be a good guide for your mobo choice:,2416-4.html
  2. Thanks, I appreciate the reply!
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    I went ahead and built a system using the Athlon II x4 620 and the Gigabyte M61PME-S2P motherboard. Basically it's working fine, but I have a question about memory speed. This motherboard has a AM2+ socket and uses DDR2 1066, however when I boot the computer the POST says the memory is running at 800 mhz. Does that sound correct? All settings in the CMOS are AUTO. I flashed the board with the latest BIOS and have the option to configure the memory settings manually, but I thought I'd ask before I mess with them. TIA for any help.
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