Disabling Lanman hash policy in XP Home.

How can I disable the store of Lan Manager hash value in my Windows XP Home system?
I'm unsuccessfully trying to disable Lan Manager hash value store for my XP Home PC. As you know, XP stores passwords in both the safe method used by Windows 7/Vista and the older method (for compatibility with previous versions of Windows). So I'd like to disable the old method (called Lan Manager Hash Value) because I don't need to share files with any older Windows versions. In order to disable this feature, I'd need a tool called secpol.msc that comes with XP Professional but is not available for XP home. Secpol has an option "Do Not Store LAN Manager Hash Value on Next Password Change" that disables the unsafe password saving method. How could I disable this feature?
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  1. Thanks for the answer. I tried it but it cannot be done with XP home because you need Administrative tools > Local Security Policies, which isn't available in XP home.

    However, I guess that disabling the LM Hashes only makes sense in PCs connected to a network and not only to the internet (single PC at home), or may some type of "internet" virus get some benefit from cracking the administrator password (for example) to steal info or something similar?
  2. My two cents....

    Add Gpedit to XP Home Edition. Maybe it can help.

    I have a small bag of tricks at 4Shared.com. One is the method of installing Gpedit.msc to XP home. I did not build this installer package, but have used it successfully, that is to say, it works. Proper credits to author are included in the readme files contained in the zip file.

    Get it
  3. answering to tigsounds:

    I don't see how to disable LanMan hashes storage with Group Policy Editor; the method indicated by mu33rto uses Local Security Policy (not Group Policy Editor), which is unavailable in XP home.

    I downloaded your Local Security Policy but I don't see how can I use it to do it.

  4. If you install Gpedit in XP Home, you should have access to the local computer policy, which includes the local security policy as shown below. I don't have an XP Home computer here to review the Gpedit for completeness, but I seem to remember it is all there.

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