ATI and Sapphire does not support the HD4770

Through 7 phone calls in the last two days directly
with ATI/AMD and Sapphire, ATI directly stated their
latest reference drivers and CCC ver 9.4 available
to the consumer DOES NOT support the HD4770, and could
not and would not verify the next ver 9.5 would either.
ATI, through several channels including 2 different supervisors
for verification, all stated that the only drivers
available to the consumer in any form anywhere for
the HD4770 are the hacked OEM drivers included with the product itself.
Sapphire does not even offer their OEM drivers to the
consumer via any "support" only available through
their website download, and only recently listed their
version of the HD4770 4 days after the product was released
for sale (with no support or drivers either via the only channel
available to the consumer; their website).
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  1. We are aware of the situation i started a thread about it yesterday. Thanks for the update on the official position though.
    So do you have one and have you got it to work properly yet ?

  2. I think you will find that its standard telephone runt procedure. "Im not going to officially tell you one thing or another. That way our arse is covered as we here on the phones dont know our arses from our elbows" "Hey bob there's a guy on here wants a driver for something" "what" "Drivers" "for what" "search me" "Just give him the usual fob off official standpoint" :whistle: :lol:
    Cant beleive the 9.5 wont support it they just dont know so wont say.
  3. well I believe it was supposed to come out on May 5th not April as It did.
  4. I'm sure 9.5 will support them. The same thigs went on with the 4890, and pretty much every other release ever..

    The current monthly drivers would not work, or at the least were not "officially" supported, and until the next monthly release you just have to make due with what comes on the CD.
  5. Yes I have the Sapphire HD4770 for over a day now.

    The hacked OEM drivers Sapphire provided are
    the absolute worst. The X1950 pro it replaced running
    Catalyst 9.1 is about 3 times better except for
    maybe a little speed (and I mean little).

    I KNOW this conundrum is common, but when
    it's the absolute only drivers that will run the HD4770
    and ATI does not support it at all, WHY IN THE BLOODY
    HELL do they have the legal right to release it for sale...

    If 9.5 reference directly from ATI doesnt support it and the
    performance, quality, etc isnt at least 3 times that of the X1950 pro
    running 9.1, I'm going through the ceiling with Sapphire and ATI.

    Thats a X1950 pro with only 128mb of GDDR3 mind you...

    What gets me is (always) sites like this and many, many others
    review their hype of the HD4770 and they all use reference and
    state 'factual' data on their tests. But when the paying consumer
    does the same, they do not even have access, or are provided
    the same drivers from the same source(s).
  6. I know what you mean and I agree. It's the fault of ATI/Nvidia and the reviewers for reviewing cards without official drivers. In this case I dunno what ATI are doing, they have had plenty of time to sort out drivers for this card.

    The reviewers have little choice because if they don't do it somebody else will.
  7. Hey Reality Check,
    Do me a favour will you ? Nip over to Guru 3D and tell rflair that he? is talking crap my drivers are beta 8.12 on the disc :)
    Just so others are properly informed of course.

  8. Mactronix- WHAT are you using exactly within the Cataylst 9.5 beta
    with your 4770? 9.5 beta does not list the HD4770 either anywhere
    in the catalog (cat). I realize you have to to manually install it
    using the device manager only (setup will not work). But again,
    the HD4770 -OR- the RV740 is not listed anywhere within it.
    So... what drivers within it did you choose and are using that
    gave you that much of an improvement as you stated in
    your other thread?

    Jen- Thanks for your replies, statements, ans comments.
    You are as correct as I am LOL..
  9. Sorry guess i should have updated you but as you didnt seen to be having an issue i didnt bother.
    The drivers were the 9.4 Beta drivers not the 9.5 and im sorry to say that while they played a few games and passed 3dm06 a couple of times they dont seem to like web pages ? :(
    I was getting black box outs is the best i can explain it, they cleared to work after a few sec's but i found it day to day unacceptable and was forced back on to the disc drivers :cry:

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